Health Care For $4: Are You Ready For Walmart To Be Your Doctor? – Forbes

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Walmart watchers know that the company simring discover more already has more than 100 retail clinics across its stores, a strategy its pursued for years. So why fuss over a handful of new clinics? Because unlike those retail clinics which Walmart hosts through leases with local hospitals, resulting in mixed success these new clinics are fully owned by the company and branded explicitly as one-stop shops for primary care. Because the clinics will be open longer and later than competitors: 12 hours per day during the week and another 8-plus hours per day on weekends. And because of the companys size and scale: Walmart potential as a disruptive innovator in healthcare is essentially peerless. The companys move comes at an ideal time to capture consumers: Millions of Americans are getting insurance coverage through Obamacare, and seeking new, convenient sources of care. Walmarts stressed that their clinics will be a low-cost alternative to traditional options: Walk-in visits will cost just $40. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) And for the hundreds of thousands of Walmart employees covered by the company healthplan, well, its even cheaper.

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