Australia’s Favorite Doctor Is On The Road In A Honda Cr-v Diesel

Andrew Rochford, has been appointed as an ambassador for Honda Australia for another 12 months. The Project co-host and his family have received both the all-new CR-V Diesel and the new Accord, ensuring they travel in comfort, style and safety. Dr. Rochford said he has enjoyed his relationship with Honda Australia and is looking forward to what the collaboration brings in 2014. Ive really loved working with Honda Australia for the past two years. Ive had the opportunity to be involved in everything from new car launches to a video celebrating the incredible work done by The Honda Foundation over 21 years, he said. One of the best things about being an ambassador for Honda Australia is not only driving the vehicles myself, but also sharing the experience with my family. My wife and I cant wait to get behind the wheel of the CR-V Diesel and the Accord, Dr. Rochford said. Were particularly excited to drive a diesel car for the first time and test out the fuel efficiency. Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins said, Honda Australia is very pleased to continue its relationship with Andrew. As a long-time Honda owner and advocate, Andrew represents our target market and is well aligned with the brands values. The all-new CR-V Diesel and Accord are now available in Honda dealerships across the country. Honda is the worlds biggest engine manufacturer, a leader in automotive research and development and consistently rated a top performer in customer satisfaction.
Australia’s Favorite Doctor is on the Road in a Honda CR-V Diesel

Australian Medical Association warns NIB turning healthcare into a commodity with medical tourism business

It has warned Australians not to travel to the countrys southern provinces and says the situation in Bangkok is volatile due to civil unrest in surrounding elections particularly in Bangkok. NIB says it uses a leading international security firm to make assessments and recommendations on security. nib Options will not send customers going here to a location, which on the advice of our security firm, is not deemed safe, a spokesman said. The medical tourism business has received more than 350 customer inquiries through its call centre and website since it was launched on Tuesday. More than 3000 people visited the nib Options website in the first three days of its operation and nib has had to put on additional call centre capacity. Half the queries have been about cheap overseas dental care and 80 per cent of all people were interested in overseas cosmetic or overseas dental care, a spokesman said. Breast procedures are the most common cosmetic surgery inquiry with mummy makeovers combined tummy tucks and boob jobs also being very popular. University of Technology Sydney researcher Dr Meredith Jones research has found around 15,000 Australians a year travel overseas for cosmetic surgery and says were spending about $300 million a year on the service. NIB has attempted to grow that market by trying to address consumer concerns about dodgy doctors and unsafe hospitals and is offering a 12-month guarantee on the surgery assuring patients they will deal with any complications that arise. However, patients must ensure they dont contribute to any complications by swimming or ignoring doctors advice if they want to take advantage of the guarantee. NIB wont name the foreign hospitals or doctors it is using because other medical tourism outlets could take advantage of the information. The fund says its team of international plastic surgeons are registered specialists in their country of residence and have a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education and five years specialist postgraduate training as plastic surgeons. Some of the doctors have been trained in Australia or the United States, the fund said. They are all certified by the Thai Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and are licenced under the Medical Council of Thailand.

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