Indian-origin Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault In Uk

He said that there was no assistant present in the chamber at that time and the doctor was not wearing surgical gloves. The patient told the court that Shikotra seemed “obsessed” about information about his private parts. The victim said that eventually he agreed to a check-up but alleged that Shikotra started “massaging” him intimately and he felt nervous. “He (the doctor) asked me what turns me on at home, the victim said. “I realised by then what I should have realised way before – that what he was doing was wrong,” he added. The victim alleged that he did not know what to do. The accuser said, after leaving the doctor’s chamber “in a daze”, he confided in his sister. Defence counsel Andrew Hockton, however, accused the alleged victim of “telling lies” and said his allegations were “pure fantasy”. Hockton said the doctor never made inappropriate comments and carried out “an appropriate medical examination” following a request by the patient. The complainant reported the matter to a primary care trust three weeks later. “There was not a single entry (in the medical records) about the examination, what he had done or what he found when he did the examination, Claire Howell, prosecutor said.


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