Private Investigator, Family Plead For Help After Videos Of Missing Michigan Doctor Surface Online


in your life and stuff. I have an idea but I dont know everything. So you know, I just figured you do your best and I do my best and we give each other a chance, Patrick says to the camera in one of the videos. In other videos, Patrick shows off a meal she cooked and calls the person shes speaking to her baby, and that she loves them, WOFL reports. Id like to know who that is, who shes trying to communicate with, Carl Clatterbuck, the investigator, told Fox 17. Id love to talk to that person. We are desperately seeking any witnesses that may have seen some kind of an exchange, he added. Patrick was raised in New York. She graduated this year with a medical degree and a doctorate in biochemistry from Loma Linda University in California. Her parents, who live in Kissimmee, Fla., said Monday that they had no knowledge of her being in a romantic relationship. “We never knew of any boyfriend. When we saw this, we saw the YouTube video, we don’t know who it is,” her father, Matthais Patrick, told WOFL. “We need to get some information.


11 Best Doctor Who Moments Of 2013


Throughout 2013 there were many great moments for fans that brought large developments into the mythology of Doctor Who. The past year was about celebrating the fifty years since Doctor Who premiered and ensuring that there will someday be a 100th Anniversary Special. Fans were on edge during the first few months of 2013, listening for any news as to what to expect or who will return, and the wait was rewarded beyond their imagination. It was a year that rocked the status quo of Doctor Who. Mysteries were revealed, old Doctors returned, one Doctor left and two new Doctors were born. Its been a long journey since two school teachers stepped into a mysterious blue police box run by a grumpy old Time Lord and his granddaughter. Doctor Who cast, crew, and fans alike all made 2013 a fantastic year for Doctor Who. In a year so important to Doctor Who, it wasnt too hard to pinpoint the eleven best Doctor Who moments of the year. If you enjoy Doctor Who as much as I do then many of these moments wont come as a surprise. Oh and of course, in the words of River Song :Spoilers. Sorry, couldnt resist

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